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Gratis Spil

Gratis Spil Featured site

Collection of free online games (gratis spil) in a clean directory. We only collect the most popular games and list on the site. Flash, Java and browser based games can be found here.
Everything from strategy to action and adventure. No need to download or register on the website to play.

Category: Computer Games » Online Games
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Date Added: 14-05-2008 18:27:44
Denmark Search

Denmark Search Featured site

Here you will find a big collection of websites from Denmark.
Special thing about this directory is the fact we only approve websites in danish and from Denmark, but the website descriptions in the directory is delivered in plain english.
You can see this directory as a way in for foreign people to get an idea of the local business in Denmark.

Category: Recreation & Travel » Countries
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Date Added: 23-06-2009 16:28:32
Holiday cottages in Yorkshire

Holiday cottages in Yorkshire Featured site

Yorkshire offers some of the most beautiful scenery, amazing walks and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. For some fantastic deals on holiday cottages in Yorkshire visit our website today. .

Category: Recreation & Travel » Vacation Homes
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:54:19
Strategy Kalooki

Strategy Kalooki Featured site

A comprehensive listing of online Kalooki games, the webs premier site for playing Kalooki Rummy and learning Strategy Kalooki, Online Kalooki players are well catered for with the resources available at OnlineKalooki.com.

Category: Computer Games » Online Games
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Date Added: 14-05-2008 18:23:31
RSS Feed Danmark

RSS Feed Danmark Featured site

Danish RSS Feeds in a good category order. Only for rss feeds in Denmark.
It is free to submit to this portal and we hope to find your feed in our directory soon.
We only accept quality sites to maintain a high quality on the RSS Feed Directory.

Category: News & Media » RSS Feeds
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Date Added: 29-01-2009 06:44:18

Printware Featured site

Printware stocks a large range of laser printers offering everything from cheap colour laser printers to large multifunction printers for all the leading brands.

We provide the service and support you need to keep your business printing..

Category: Computer & Internet » Hardware
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Date Added: 12-05-2011 23:02:56
Regnskabsprogram E-moms

Regnskabsprogram E-moms Featured site

Dansk udviklet regnskabsprogram til de mindre iværksættere - her finder du et program der kan hjælpe dig med alt din bogføring i en lille virksomhed.

Udskriv faktura, lav posteringer, bilag og alt du kan tænke dig af et fuldt funktionelt regnskabsprogram.

Kernen i E-moms er at det skal være til at forstå for alle via letgenkendelige felter og hjælpetekster rundt på sitet.

Kan du genkende dig selv som lille iværk.

Category: Business » Accounting
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Date Added: 08-08-2011 11:05:29
Office refurbishment London

Office refurbishment London Featured site

Woodbar offer a full range of refurbishment, new build, decorating and maintenance services.

They specialise in office refurbishment in London and the South East and have a growing reputation for their excellent customer service.

Category: Business » Commercial Real Estate
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:43:20

Childsplayclothing.co.uk Featured site

Childsplay clothing are one of the biggest independent retailers of designer clothing for children and babies. Their wide selection of kids designer clothing covers all ages from babies to sixteen years..

Category: Shopping » Children & Toys
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 17:28:57
Trek Cykler

Trek Cykler Featured site

Køb Trek cykler online - Kom ud på en mountainbike i det gode vejr og ræs rundt. Du kommer nemt frem på en MTB / Trek cykel og vil få en helt ny glæde ved at cykle igen.

Hos Coop er der stort udvalg af Trek cykler - kig forbi og gør et rigtig godt køb. Vi råder over egne brands af høj kvalitet. Kendte mærker som Mustang og Rocky..

Category: Shopping » Sports
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Date Added: 10-01-2012 16:02:49
Nordicmaling Vejle

Nordicmaling Vejle Featured site

Nordicmaling.dk is one of the major distributers of Sadolin, Nordsjö and TripTrap homepaint. Buy paint very cheap and have your order delivered with in a few days at Nordicmaling.dk - Visit our site for best offers.

Category: Blogs » Home & Garden
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Date Added: 12-09-2017 19:26:45
United Kingdom
Churchwood debt management company

Churchwood debt management company Featured site

Churchwood Financial offers a wide range of debt solutions online at their website including Debt Management Plans, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Protected Trust deeds, Debt Relief Orders and Bankruptcy..

Category: Investment » Financing
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:27:26
Cafe & Restaurant in Copenhagen

Cafe & Restaurant in Copenhagen Featured site

Early breakfast, best brunch in Copenhagen, lunch and evening restaurant with a nice varity of options. Dag H - Café & restaurant offers all of the above and then a little more.

You'll find some of Denmarks best baristas making your espresso just right.

Even though we have put a big effort in making a cosy atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal, we allso offers many of our dishes as take away – so are you on the run, we will make your order to go (even with a little discount)..

Category: Business » Food & Drinks
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Date Added: 08-02-2012 14:03:11
LED GU10 spots Mrperfect

LED GU10 spots Mrperfect Featured site

Mrperfect is one of the biggest suppliers of LED GU10 spots and for best price. Its very easy to find cheap LED GU10 spots but as always, you will have ehat you pay but at Mrperfect.dk we offer the best LED GU10 spots and with 24 months of warrenty.

Category: Business » Electronics
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Date Added: 27-09-2017 14:47:44
Recurring Cystitis

Recurring Cystitis Featured site

If you’re having health problems with recurring cystitis and your looking for a lifetime solution to your problems visit our website to view our range of remedies that could help you and are available at great prices..

Category: Health & Care » Diseases & Condition
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:45:46
JD bug scooters

JD bug scooters Featured site

Scooters are all the rage at the moment with kids. If you have a birthday coming up why not think about treating them to a scooter? For great online deals on jd bug scooters and skateboards visit Skate Hut today..

Category: Shopping » Children & Toys
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:53:33
Fire alarm maintenance - www.ignitefire.co.uk

Fire alarm maintenance - www.ignitefire.co.uk Featured site

Ignite Fire and Safety offer fire alarm maintenance for both home and business needs. They specialise in fire extinguishers, risk assessment, fire supression products, wet/dry risers and fire training..

Category: Home & Garden » Security
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:30:39

Everycarcovered.com Featured site

www.everycarcovered.com offers great value car covers for many makes and models at fantastic online prices. So if your looking for car protection from the elements visit www.everycarcovered.com today..

Category: Hobby & Leisure » Cars & MC & Boats
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:42:36
United States
Electricity Bid

Electricity Bid Featured site

This site provides affordable energy options for commercial and residential electric service customers in Texas.
Some of the cities in the deregulated state of Texas that we can help are Dallas, Houston, Alpine, Tyler and Abilene..

Category: Business » Business Services
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Date Added: 10-12-2008 23:46:08
J Brand

J Brand Featured site

If you’re a fashion lover and your always looking for a deal our website is a must! For stylish clothes covering many designers from J Brand to Vivienne Westwood at the best prices available online, visit my-wardrobe.com today. .

Category: Shopping » Clothes & Fashion
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:50:27

k9horse.com Featured site

Top quality Equine grooming products, made in Sweden.
In the beginning of 1970, our family owned business started out by developing, producing and marketing a range of hygenic skin and hair care products for humans. Due to a lifetime of family loved dogs and cats, as well as those members of the family that love horses, we began experimenting with several existing pet coat care products on the European and U.S. markets. The results fell short of our expectations.

In 1993, the developm.

Category: Animals & Pets » Horses
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Date Added: 02-12-2011 11:15:23
Oak TV cabinets

Oak TV cabinets Featured site

Cambridge Oak offer some of the best value oak furniture online. They specialise in oak living room furniture and storage solutions.

Their wide range of oak living room furniture includes oak TV cabinets, DVD storage, CD chests, bookcases and more..

Category: Home & Garden » Furniture
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 17:28:17

A1korrektur Featured site

A1korrektur is an expert in text editing and proofreading. We guarantee high quality solutions to a wide range of businesses.
As a unique service A1korrektur offers a deadline service - this service makes it possible to have shorter texts proofread within 12 hours.
Read more about A1korrektur and our products at a1korretur.dk..

Category: Business » Communication
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Date Added: 05-12-2008 16:56:55
Ant Marketing

Ant Marketing Featured site

Ant Marketing provide tailored telemarketing, lead generation and telesales solutions for B2B and B2C needs.

With years of experience in the call centre outsourcing industry they can provide a solution that will help your company grow..

Category: Business » Advertising & Marketing
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:21:12

Sellthecar.com Featured site

Sellthecar.com buy any car online. There are no sales commisions or adminstration fees, just fair pricing and a friendly service.

Free collection from your door and cash paid straight into your bank once a price has been agreed for your car..

Category: Shopping » Cars & MC & Boats
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:34:06
United Kingdom
Kids party supplies

Kids party supplies Featured site

Planning a party? Look no further than Party Kiosk for all your party supplies. They have everything you need from costumes to balloons to baking. They also specialise in kid’s party supplies to make your child’s that little bit more fun..

Category: Shopping » Children & Toys
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:45:05
Social Bookmarking Denmark

Social Bookmarking Denmark Featured site

Danish social bookmarking service. Add your own favorite bookmarks today and have them collected at one place only.
Bookmarking sites like Socbo.dk are great for safekeeping your best websites as you can recall them all again nomatter where in the world you are..

Category: Computer & Internet » Services
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Date Added: 04-08-2008 16:23:09
Solbriller, Kontaktlinser & Briller | Synspunkt.com

Solbriller, Kontaktlinser & Briller | Synspunkt.com Featured site

Buy authentic designer sunglasses at Synspunkt.com or glasses and contact lenses (kontaktlinser) at low prices. And now also colored lenses.
In order to make it easy and flexible for you, we sell our products online.
You will also be able to buy large brand name frames with single vision and contactlenses at low prices.
Newest products are our kontaktlinser.

Category: Shopping » Clothes & Fashion
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Date Added: 22-08-2008 19:24:48

NonSmokers.dk Featured site

NonSmokers.DK har Danmarkss største udvalg af e-rygning produkter.
Alternativer til rygning bedre kendt som e-cigaretter, e-cigarer, og e-piber, samtidigt kan vi tilbyde tilbehør og reservedele til de fleste kendte fabrikater.

Category: Shopping » Tobacco
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Date Added: 04-03-2009 04:32:19

Snydekoder Featured site

Dasnish website with cheat codes - snydekoder for all the games you can imagine.
We add many new codes daily to keep up with the great demand on cheatcodes. All codes are written in Danish and aim for the danish audience only.
Computer Games are better with cheats.

Category: Computer Games » Tips & Tricks
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Date Added: 04-08-2008 14:48:45
United Kingdom
Exchange hosting UK

Exchange hosting UK Featured site

Welcome to Soho IT, where you can get the most effective and efficient IT support London or beyond. Our IT support services include 24/7 onsite or remote support, virtual cloud computing, website hosting and design, data backup and recovery, hosted deskto.

Category: Computer & Internet » Webhosting
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 17:52:29
Bo på landet - Landlivet

Bo på landet - Landlivet Featured site

HEr kan du følge nogen af de autentiske ting der sker ude på landet - det er en kontrast til den travle storby hvor der aldrig er tid til at gå i dybden med noget og det overfladiske bliver dyrket i stor stil i nogen egne.

Vi piller tingene lidt ned på jorden igen, bogstavligtalt og viser hvad der sker i haven, huset, med husdyrene, naturen omkring os og meget mere..

Category: Home & Garden » Repair & Improvement
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Date Added: 10-02-2012 19:45:34
United Kingdom
Scottsdale Golf Shop

Scottsdale Golf Shop Featured site

Scottsdale Golf are one of the biggest online golf suppliers in the UK. They stock everything from Galvin Green and other famous brand golf clothing, golf accessories, clubs, balls, tees and trolleys..

Category: Sports » Golf
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:28:31
United Kingdom
Epson Ink Cartridges For Printers

Epson Ink Cartridges For Printers Featured site

Printer ink cartridge Superstore. One Stop shop for all your ink, ink cartridges, laser toner cartridges and Fax ink and ribbons - FREE Shipping for all UK orders via First Class Post. Don't think ink - think Stinkyink.

Category: Computer & Internet » Hardware
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Date Added: 28-10-2010 16:46:12
Minecraft Server List

Minecraft Server List Featured site

International list of Minecraft Multiplayer servers - we have the biggest list worldwide with servers for all your needs.

Play on Classic or Survival servers - some modded with eg. Bukkit and others clean Vanilla gameplay without modding..

Category: Entertainment » Online Games
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Date Added: 08-08-2011 10:56:41
Havemøbel - Køb dine havemøbler online

Havemøbel - Køb dine havemøbler online Featured site

Dansk webshop med salg af bla. havemøbler til haven, terrassen og altanen.
Stort udvalg af alt i liggestole, hængesofaer, solvogne, havebænk, haveborde og meget mere.
Kig forbi Coops webvarehus inden du køber havemøbel næste gang. Det betaler sig!.

Category: Home & Garden » Lawn & Garden
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Date Added: 10-01-2012 16:17:10
Webmaster Blog with SEO and Marketing News

Webmaster Blog with SEO and Marketing News Featured site

Webmaster and webdeveloper from Denmark, with many projects behind me.
This blog will contain information on webmaster related stuff, as information on search engine optimization (SEO). News from my personal projects and new ideas etc.
Feel free to drop by, and leave me a note.

Category: Blogs » Webmaster
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Date Added: 11-12-2006 19:23:32
Make Up Artist Courses

Make Up Artist Courses Featured site

Whether you are thinking about launching a new career, building on existing skills or just want to pick up some tips for personal use then The Session School can help you. Why not give us a call today..

Category: Health & Care » Beauty
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:49:19

Exchangeandmart.co.uk Featured site

Exchange and Mart have one of the widest selection of new and used cars online. Shop for used cars in your local area or buy big name brands such as BMW, Audi, Vauxhall, Ford and Mercedes new at some of the best prices on the internet..

Category: Shopping » Cars & MC & Boats
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:33:46

Crosswater Featured site

Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire Design Associates offer a range of interior design services from your bathroom to elsewhere in the home. Featuring the leading interior brands such as Crosswater, you can find exactly what you need right down to the tap..

Category: Home & Garden » Bathroom
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Date Added: 24-01-2012 16:44:14